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aLL-i@MOveO Synergy: Powering the Future of Sustainable Aerospace

aLL-i@MOveO Synergy: Powering the Future of Sustainable Aerospace

*We are aLL-i@MOveO, a small technology start-up, developer of aLL-i 2024, a sustainable power design technology. It runs on our aLL-i concept design and smart manufacturing platform, integrated on a multi-architectural platform at the cloud. This platform contains architectures: saVVy sustainable design, i-poWer sustainable power, aLl-i E sustainable propulsion, accommodating user-defined featured applications, to create and innovate concept designs you have been dreaming of

*We aim to achieve ambitious engineering targets in sustainability, carbon neutrality, efficiency, and circularity using 5 pillars of disruptive technology:

  • AUAI (Autonomous Design Intelligence)

  • Deep learning in the engineering metaverse

  • Quantum testers

  • Quantum-enhanced deep learning

  • Live digital twinning on a real-time engineering omniverse


*Our featured applications contained in these architectures:

  • i-poWer Sustainable Power: QSbat sustainable battery, QSBio sustainable biobattery, QSEFCell Quantum enhanced fuel cell, QSbat Rapid Sustainable battery rapid demonstrator, QSimia Massless electrical storage integration

  • SaVVy Sustainable design: Urban multitasking courier evTOL design, meiDrone purpose build  drone design, BWBSynergy Blended Wing Synergy for heavy air cargo vehicle

  • aLL-i E Sustainable propulsion: S-Thrust, sustainable thrust power applications


*All of these applications are integrated, linked, interfaced, and contained in the aLL-i concept design and smart manufacturing platform. These five pillars of disruptive technology drive the development of aLL-i 2024, shaping the future of sustainable power design technology.